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Our culture

Sound is everywhere—and so is Bose. Join a company that operates on six continents, with a culture that embraces new ideas. Your contributions can help us develop products that make lasting impressions on millions of people around the world.

Sound profiles

It's part of our DNA—Bose is first and foremost a research company. That spirit of exploration and discovery infuses everything we do, and everyone who works here is expected to question conventional thinking in the relentless quest to create products and experiences that change people's lives. Our culture is as distinctive as our products. We expect you to explore different types of work. You'll be challenged to take on a variety of projects, work with an assortment of teams—or even switch to an entirely different kind of job.

The magic of collaboration

At Bose, you’ll explore new approaches to problems, and develop ideas for products and experiences that bring more joy to people's lives. And in the process, your life will become more meaningful too.

This innovation doesn't occur in a vacuum. Something magical happens when you work with colleagues from different backgrounds, with diverse experiences and skills. That's the power of collaboration, when one idea inspires many, changes shape and form, and becomes truly groundbreaking. It's a collective accomplishment, something no single person could achieve by working in isolation. Though far from a simple process, what you'll experience is tremendously rewarding—a cycle of continuous improvement where challenge creates opportunity, and opportunity creates challenge. If this sounds like your idea of a fulfilling career, start the process of joining our team. And read and hear examples of successful collaboration.

Case study: Launching the next generation in Bose® sound

For decades, we have established a reputation for developing new technologies for innovative products that revolutionize how people enjoy their favorite entertainment. Bose engineering breakthroughs have led to acclaimed products such as the Wave® music system III, QuietComfort® 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones and the VideoWave® II home entertainment system. In each instance, our engineers continue to expand the boundaries of audio performance. But they haven't done it all by themselves. Teams of experts in many other departments join forces to make sure these products succeed. A recent example is the SoundTouch™ family of products.

Better sound. Whenever. Wherever.

As more people store their music collections on smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth® devices, there's a tremendous need for products that can transform those digital files into great sound they can share with friends.

Bose engineers, working closely with colleagues in research, manufacturing, finance, marketing and product development, identified the sweet spot: a wireless speaker small enough to take anywhere, with simple, intuitive controls, and bigger sound than you'd expect from a speaker of this size.

Mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, acoustic engineers and materials engineers collaborated to achieve their goal of creating a compact wireless speaker with unprecedented performance, elegance and simplicity.

Financial analysts and members of the product development team collaborated with colleagues in manufacturing to ensure production could keep up with demand. Finally, corporate and online communications and other members of marketing developed an integrated launch campaign across all channels and media that succeeded in introducing the SoundLink® speaker to an entirely new generation of Bose customers.

Your interests, skills and desires are constantly evolving. Wouldn't it be great if your career could too?

Our employee retention rate is high because we don't just recognize your individuality, but encourage and reward you for your uniqueness and varied interests. You might begin as an HR coordinator, then become an information architect. Or perhaps you're an engineer who goes back to school to get an MBA, then moves into product marketing. Since four out of five Bose® product divisions are based in Massachusetts, you have a greater number of advancement opportunities.

You can be right out of college or a 25-year veteran—your ideas matter. New challenges require new ideas, so we regularly bring people from all types of backgrounds together to solve a problem that has challenged us for years.

The paths to your success

As a private company, we use our business success to fund new research projects, which gives you the freedom to explore new ideas. And we play for the long run—many of our most significant achievements happen after years (or decades) of study and exploration.

Your success comes from a companywide commitment to:

  • Embrace innovation
  • Treat your colleagues respectfully
  • Always consider your customer's needs
  • Be passionate about your contributions
  • Conduct your business with integrity
  • Pursue excellence in all its forms

So, what does that mean for you? Embrace unpredictability. Chase your passions. Take the long view. Trust your gut.

Do something you never thought you could do, then move on. Avoid complacency, but don't dwell on failure. Be inspired by your peers to get out of your comfort zone.

And by all means, play in a band. It's a Bose tradition we're proud to maintain.

The average person has seven careers in a lifetime. Why not have them all at the same company? You can start right here.

At Bose, employees are our most valued resource. That's why our benefits offer you flexibility, security and long-term value, as well as choices to meet your needs and those of your family. Here is a sampling of the types of benefits currently offered by Bose to eligible employees.*

Health and welfare

Our health plan includes medical, dental and vision insurance options. The medical plan offers both HMO and PPO options, as well as an HDHP with HSA option. We also give you the option to participate in both healthcare and dependent care spending accounts. You can choose from a comprehensive selection of disability benefits, including paid sick time, short-term disability and long-term disability. Our life insurance program includes a full range of options that will enable you to cover yourself and your family.

401(k) and retirement

Bose offers a competitive retirement program that, like many companies, includes a 401(k) plan. We also offer a traditional defined benefit retirement plan, which allows you to earn a valuable lifetime benefit based on your years of service. The full cost of this plan is paid by the company.

The 401(k) plan includes an employer matching contribution that lets you accumulate additional savings for your retirement. These plans combine to provide you with the opportunity to plan and save for retirement.

Please note that retirement benefits are subject to plan provisions and federal regulation.

Additional benefits

Bose provides a number of other exciting benefits, including:

  • Discounts on Bose® products
  • Tuition assistance
  • Adoption assistance
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Long-term care
  • Supplier discount programs including computers, cell phones, electronics, cars and trucks from vendors

* Bose provides employee benefits to eligible employees in accordance with the terms and limitations of its benefit plans and policies, which Bose may end or change from time to time, in its sole discretion.