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My Church

80s Mercedes

Company You Keep

Bose® City Sets

Up and coming musicians against the backdrop of amazing musical cities. Watch Maren Morris in Nashville.

Music deserves Bose®

It's about music. It's always about music. Music to make you dance, sing, laugh, cry. Rhythms that transform your mood. Melodies that make your day. Music that helps you get more out of every moment. And yourself.

The Sound Effect

Introducing a music-inspired film from Bose®. We see how music has such a transformative effect on people, following the story of the Decentralised Dance Party's tour of London.

Through the Notes

Introducing a music-inspired series, where we travel across Europe—to London, Paris and Berlin—to take a look at how one song can affect so much in someone's life, no matter who you are. Just one song can make you cry, make you laugh, make you feel young again.

Music is my ____.

Music is a powerful force. Watch a young dancer create room to move, and a graffiti artist transport himself through time. See how a sound designer extends her senses, and a drummer follows her heartbeat to places she's never been. Follow the young musician who wins the artist's heart.

Music is my MOMENT.

Music is my TIME MACHINE.

Music is my LANGUAGE.

Music is my SANCTUARY.

Music is my HEARTBEAT.